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FFH -- Have I Ever Told You

  • 2001 11 Jul
FFH -- <i>Have I Ever Told You</i>

Usually, a group will start to try something new during the third project. However, Essential recording artists FFH have decided to take the familiar approach. Although there are a few departures on the album, you never get far from home. (Yes, the pun is intended!)

Here it is, music lovers, The J Man's "Hit List" ...

Watching Over Me - Raw piano "tinkering" and Jeromy Diebler's unique vocals unite to create a great opener.

Fly Away - Creative lyrics about our "evacuation"! You'll figure it out ...

Astronaut - A musical departure for the band. Catchy hooks about astronauts make this
probably the most interesting track on the album.

Have I Ever Told You - Great title track!

Open Up The Sky - You'll have a lot of fun with this one.

The only drawback to this project is that it seems a little too lengthy. The band's sound doesn't change enough to keep you hooked the whole way through.

So, my final word: Try it. If you really like FFH, then you'll enjoy this CD.

Grade: C

Until Next Time ...
The J Man

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