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Hughes Brings a Pop/Rock Sound to Worship

  • 2002 21 Jan
Hughes Brings a Pop/Rock Sound to <I>Worship</I>
Tim Hughes
Here I Am To Worship
Worship Together

The name Tim Hughes doesn't exactly scream "international superstar." It sounds more like the name of the quiet boy at church who cleans the pews after everyone has left, picking up song sheets and the odd item or two left behind.

But musician Tim Hughes is not quiet. On the contrary, he has a strong, fluid voice, and he doesn't serve behind the scenes. Instead, he leads people in worship.

Hughes is the assistant worship pastor at Soul Survivor Watford, a church in England, but he often travels the world playing modern pop-rock worship songs meant for young people. Such songs can be found on his new CD, Here I Am To Worship, which shows Hughes' promise as a songwriter of modern worship songs - a Matt-Redman-in-the-making, perhaps.

The songs on Worship don't deviate from today's typical pop-rock sound, but Hughes' British accent lends itself well to songs like the honest May The Words Of My Mouth and Eyes Of My Heart. Those familiar with songs like Shout To The Lord and I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever will recognize some of the rhythmic and structural elements in the acoustic pleaser, My Jesus, My Lifeline.

Hughes has said he wants to help train other worship leaders. It seems he has a servant's heart, and these days, that's a good thing to have.