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Michelle Tumes -- Dream

  • 2001 27 Sep
Michelle Tumes -- <I>Dream</I>

ALBUM: Dream
ARTIST: Michelle Tumes
IN A PHRASE: With Dream, Michelle could ultimately broaden her fan base to a wider spectrum of listeners.

The angelic voice of Michelle Tumes returns with a little edge. Known for her ballads and melodic lyrics, Michelle has made a name for herself among inspirational and adult contemporary listeners with her previous releases. Now she attempts to reinvent herself with a new project, Dream.

The voice is still there, don't get me wrong. But there are records skipping, a few samples, and a strong presence of mainstream pop influence.

In the title track and One and Only, Michelle takes you for a ride. A ride of twists and turns, it starts very slow and then sneaks up on you real fast. Michelle has always been able to pick unique lyrics and she does it with these tracks.

Listeners familiar with previous efforts will warmly remember her soothing voice in tracks like The Light and Image Of.

Love Shines Through is powerfully dominated by acoustic instruments. A new direction that gives this album a little more edge.

The first time I heard King of My Heart it didn't sound like Michelle to me. It actually has a little Carolyn Arends feel to it.

The reason I gave it a B- is I think she might have changed a little too much. This album is so different musically that her inspirational-listening fans might not want to hang on for the ride.

So, my final word ...

To me, Dream is the best Michelle Tumes project to date. If her fans choose to agree, great. But if you're new to Michelle's music, skip the first two and purchase Dream.

Until Next Time ...
The J Man

"Dream" can be purchase from CBD