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Out Of The Grey -- 6.1

  • 2001 10 Oct
Out Of The Grey -- <i>6.1</i>
ALBUM: 6.1
ARTIST: Out of the Grey
IN A PHRASE: Familiar faces to Christian music, Out of the Grey, returns with a new musical attitude.

Rocketown does it again! This time they've brought back probably one of the most prolific couples ever to grace the Christian music scene. The distinct vocals of Christine Dente, and the innovative guitar stylings of husband Scott return with a new outlook on life, and this thing we call music.

A new part of this outlook is Rocketown producer Monroe Jones. He brings to the table experience proven to create success. Probably the most successful move by Monroe on this album is highlighting more of Scott's vocals. In previous efforts, Scott was vocally on the back burner, not the case with 6.1.

The CD's opener kicks with a bass line that rocks. Shine Like Crazy gives us what we've waited for. Classic Out of the Grey! Christine's lead never sounded better!

Brave is musically adventurous. Scott's vocals and guitars are very noticeable for the good.

What's It Gonna Be is a moving piece, musically and lyrically. The feel is somewhat reminiscent of Grey's previous effort, Gravity.

With All My Heart produces a slip up for the project. It's lyrically sound, but musically, it's just not there.

Waiting is perhaps the quirkiest of the tracks, but it works. Scott's guitars are driving, Christine's vocals are passionate, and the BGV's are mellow. Weird, yes, but a cool weird.

Out of the Ordinary is great! Christine's vocals take a backseat to Scott's in perhaps the most creative lyric of the CD.

My final word ...

Out of the Grey is back! 6.1 is a musical adventure. Enjoy your ride!

Until Next Time ...
The J Man