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Parachute Band Jumps Ahead With Amazing

  • 2002 31 Jan
Parachute Band Jumps Ahead With <I>Amazing</I>
The Parachute Band
Worship Extreme

The cover art on The Parachute Band's CD, Amazing, had me thinking their music would be standard modern rock. Boy, was I surprised! It's not all guitars, with somebody screaming or moaning or droning on and on. Instead, the two ladies/one guy combo allows for a diversity of voices and a variety of musical styles, most of which have R&B or dance beats.

Take Christian girl group Zoegirl, add a guy and a praise-and-worship orientation, and you've got the Parachute Band, from New Zealand. They've had some hits in their homeland and have found some recent success in the States. But Amazing's stellar songs should make The Parachute Band one of the best-known Christian groups in 2002 and beyond.

Two songs on Amazing will blow you away. Sovereign fuses rock with R&B/hip-hop, creating a blistering, funk-a-fied track that could very well be Kirk Franklin's Revolution Part II. "Sovereign" is a strong dance track that deserves to be a radio hit, even though timid contemporary Christian music programmers might be scared of the kicky, punchy jam.

Another Amazing highlight is the hushed, tender ballad, Complete, destined to be sung in churches worldwide. Like Shout To The Lord and The Heart of Worship, two songs that became evangelical church standards during the past decade, Complete offers listeners a heartfelt opportunity to lift their eyes to the Lord and know that His strength and love will help them get through the storms of life. Complete is the kind of song that brings holy tears, if you're willing to sing along and really feel it.

Simply put, I'm amazed by The Parachute Band's Amazing. Buy it, and you'll be amazed, too.