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P.O.D. -- Satellite

  • 2001 23 Oct
P.O.D. -- <I>Satellite</I>
ALBUM: Satellite
ARTIST: P.O.D. (Payable on Death)
IN A PHRASE: P.O.D. returns with a sound that reaches the masses, and a voice that proclaims the good news of the Gospel.

P.O.D.'s latest effort, Satellite, has met great acclaim in both mainstream and Christian markets and for good reason. Let's break it down.

Mainstream - This album is what they want: Hardcore rock. Who cares about the lyrics? Their music is tight, the world says. But ... we know differently.

Christian - Christian listeners want the sound of artists like Korn, but with godly lyrical content, and they get it with P.O.D.

Let's go back to the mainstream. No matter what they say, the lyrics people listen to affect their lives. But, I wonder if they realize what the No. 1 song, Alive, is about. It's about the resurrection power of Jesus Christ.

"I feel so alive for the very first time/I can't deny You/I feel so alive/
For the very first time/And I think I can fly"

Let's take another track …Portrait. Although the verses are driving, the chorus is melodic and meaningful. The name of Christ is said at least 18 times, along with different attributes about our loving Savior.

"Some people call you Father/Maybe You could set me free/
These people hate each other/But You've always been there for me"

Other inspiring tracks are Satellite, Youth of the Nation, and Thinking About Forever.

Fans of P.O.D., I urge you, if you have friends who listen to Korn and similar artists, get them this album. P.O.D. is music they'll like, with a message they need.

To the parents of kids who have an itch for hard music, P.O.D.'s Satellite will make a great Christmas gift.

My final word ...

P.O.D. - salt and light in an unseasoned and dark world. Let's support them as they give our nation the message it needs in a language it understands.

Until Next Time ...
The J Man