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Reuben's Hindsight: Welcome to the Party

  • 2002 24 Apr
Reuben's <I>Hindsight</I>: Welcome to the Party

Artist: John Reuben
Album: Hindsight
Scheduled Release Date: May 21, 2002

Remember when rap artists were primarily MCs, acting as hosts of the coolest party around? John Reuben reclaims that "welcome to my party, glad you're here" feeling on his new Gotee release, Hindsight.

Sometimes silly, sometimes serious, Hindsight especially shines on fun songs like I John Reu, Soundman, and the tuba-thumping sing-a-long Doin'. You won't be able to get Reuben's lyrical hooks out of your head for days.

The 6'2" songwriter/rapper hails from Columbus, Ohio, where he started writing rhymes in elementary school. He later found success running a "hip hop night" at a Columbus reggae club. He released his first EP, Monuments, in 1997. In 2000, his full-length debut, Are We There Yet?, expanded his fan base. Now in his early twenties, Reuben is ready to make more fans, touring with fellow Gotee acts Out Of Eden and Tobymac.

Though Reuben (real name: John Reuben Zappin) is on a Christian label, Hindsight is not overtly Christian, lyrically, so don't expect to hear these songs on contemporary Christian radio, unless it's a specialty hip-hop show.

Having shared the stage with groups like P.O.D., Jars of Clay, and Relient K, Reuben makes music that appeals to young suburban guys. If marketed properly, he could find success in the mainstream as a clean version of Eminem.

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