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Thrive: Imaginative Music From the Newsboys

  • 2002 18 Feb
<I>Thrive</I>: Imaginative Music From the Newsboys

ALBUM: Thrive
ARTIST: Newsboys
IN A PHRASE: After a successful series of firsts, the Newsboys return, ready to Thrive!

After the first traveling air dome tour and the first self-contained traveling music festival, the Newsboys return with their trademark pop-rock sensibilities and a little spice added to the mix.

What kind of spice? They've put Steve Taylor in the producer's chair, letting his years of experience shine through in the vocal and musical performances on the record.

Giving It Over kicks the proverbial door open with stylings reminiscent of Step Up To The Microphone.

Mix the whistling of Breakfast with a basic beat and lyrics that encourage us to live a life of true faith, and you have the exceptional track, Live In Stereo.

The sing-along track Million Pieces promotes total dependence upon God, with a genius mix of guitars, courtesy of Taylor.

The title track initially disappointed me because I had expected a different sound, but another listen turned my thumb upward. Thrive is melodically soothing, while a heart call asking God to help us thrive.

The first radio single from the CD, It Is You, is filled with heartfelt worship for our Creator, with a little Newsboys panache.

Rescue picks things back up with an edge that is different from the typical Newsboys sound. The Fad of the Land is a play on the familiar phrase "fat of the land" that encourages us not to "flow with the crowd."

The vertical cry of Lord (I Don't Know) is right on track for the world we live in today.

My final word . . .

Thrive contains honest lyrics and imaginative music that allow your mind to soar.

Until Next Time . . .
The J Man

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