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Vertical and Artful Expressions Found On the Blue

  • 2008 1 Aug
Vertical and Artful Expressions Found <i>On the Blue</i>

Artist:  Joel Augé
Title:  On the Blue
Label:  Integrity Music

The modern worship scene is oftentimes overly cluttered with artists who cover the same songs or copy a successful formula, which is why Joel Augé’s American debut, On the Blue, is so refreshing.

Not only does the Canadian singer/songwriter put his own pen to paper for a series of vertical reflections with personal observations sprinkled in, but he’s not trying to carbon copy Chris Tomlin or any of the other heavy-hitters at the moment. Take, for instance, the entrancing Brit-pop acoustics of “So Deep in Love” (previously highlighted on iTunes), which is somewhat reminiscent of label mate Jason Morant or Phil Wickham, but anchored in Auge’s own glorious falsettos.

“Where You Go I Go” shifts gears to a roots rock vibe and is spiced up with firmly planted drums, while “Even the Rocks” charges forward with full-fledged plugged-in production. The introspective ballad “I Am Here to Praise You” is one of the simplest songs on the CD, but also the most moving, given its poetic posture and return of Auge’s comforting croon.

Those pipes are showcased even further on the album finale, “I Know My Place,” spun with an especially emotive touch that even bears slight resemblance to the late Jeff Buckley. Still, no comparison chart is needed for this all around talent who’s likely to forge a familiarity with both church congregations and fans of commercially palatable, yet intelligently slanted, Christian music.

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**This interview first published on August 1, 2008.