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Woven and Spun - Music Review

  • 2002 25 Sep
<i>Woven and Spun</i> - Music Review

Nichole Nordeman can safely apply for "broken record" status.

Her M.O.?  She starts an album project with hundreds of lyrical and melodic snippets swirling in her brain, slides into an agonizing case of writer's block and finally emerges with a batch of sublime tunes—just catchy enough for pop, just dissonant and interesting enough for true artists.  And on this third venture, Nordeman does more than turn smart, poetic phrases from her journal pages—she paints familiar theological pictures about God's love and mercy with a palette of new, vibrant colors.

Take the ballad, "Even Then."  Nordeman first lays her soul bare:  "So I do the best with what I've got and hope that no one knows/ That I strain to see how high I can try to stand on these toes…I put aside the masquerade and admit that I am not OK…" and later speaks truth for all of us "We raise the standard, and try to reach You/ But we'll never make it, and we don't even need to…."

The standout track, "Healed," is full of spiritual insight and wisdom:  "We stutter and we stammer til You say us/ A symphony of chaos til You play us/ Phrases on the pages of the unknown til You read us into poetry and prose…."

Fast becoming the best lyricist in Christian music, Nordeman will knock your socks off with Woven and Spun.

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