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ZOEgirl -- Life

  • 2001 6 Nov
ZOEgirl -- <I>Life</I>
IN A PHRASE: Life is quite possibly the best sophomore project of 2001.

On the heels of completing a 73-city tour with Carman last spring, ZOEgirl returns with a unique take on Life. Their first record was Sparrow's highest-selling debut ever, and Life promises to follow suit.

All artists go through a growth process between their debut and sophomore projects, and that is definitely true with Alisa, Chrissy, and Kristin.

With All My Heart kicks things off with typical ZOE-pop, but with a different lyrical standard than ZOEgirl is known for. This one actually leans toward modern worship.

Even If ... stop ... close your eyes ... think old school Carman acoustics, throw in ZOE vocals, and a high kick beat, and musically you have the best song on the record.

Already a radio single and on WOW 2002, Dismissed is the follow-up to the story started with their previous hit, Give Me One Reason.

A little Latin flavor pops up in R U Sure About That -- an encouragement to their fans to let their feelings out to God.

The members of ZOEgirl are very aware of the situations their fans face. One of those is self-esteem, which is addressed in the stirring lyric of Plain.

Forever 17 is the most moving track on the CD. Written by Chrissy and her mom, it's the story of a 17-year-old that just got her driver's license, and was killed by a drunk driver in an auto accident.

Other great tracks are Nick of Time, Ordinary Day and Waiting.

My final word ...

ZOEgirl has delivered a project that once again invites you into the "life" filled with faith, fun and creativity.

Until Next Time ...
The J Man