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Sandi Patty-Our Reviewer Thinks These Days is Sweet

  • 2000 30 Nov
Sandi Patty-Our Reviewer Thinks These Days is Sweet
Using her amazingly gifted voice and enjoying the moments of these days, Sandi Patty has now finished recording her latest album, these days -- a collection of 11 songs, which sounds forth of Gods glory and grace. According to Sandi, every day is worth a celebration -- a message that is beautifully portrayed throughout this album.

Youll relate with Sandi as she sings of Gods truth with words such as, Its a struggle not to let time simply fade, how my routines and my patterns, quickly lose You in their maze. Oh Jesus keep me faithful, cause when I start the day with You, I see Your truth prove to be faithful in me too. Songs like Wouldnt Trade It For the World, Wings of Peace and All This Time [Annas Song] will comfort and encourage you. Days can be difficult, but through a voice clear and crisp as ever, Sandi will tell you that God is there, holding onto my life.

With both soothing and peppy tunes, youll find these days a perfect fit to your album collection and have fun joining in the lyrics and singing praise to God. The inspiration will find its way to your heart and encourage your soul. So, dont miss out on the blessing of these days and remember to find the beauty in each day, every day.

Review By: Olivia Johnson