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Sidewalk Prophets Bring the Pop on These Simple Truths

  • 2009 27 Oct
Sidewalk Prophets Bring the Pop on <i>These Simple Truths</i>

Artist:  Sidewalk Prophets
Title:  These Simple Truths
Label:  Fervent Records

Solid pop debut in vein of MercyMe …

From their Anderson University beginnings in central Indiana to living their label dream in Nashville, Dave Frey and Ben McDonald are proof that hard work and prayer go hand in hand.

The band's talent has been evident from the get-go, and their strong work ethic, demonstrated by playing every possible camp and church outing, built an audience the right way:  slow and steady.

Fast-forward a few years, and Fervent Records now provides a platform for the proverbial next level. But the group's incredible pop sensibilities remain, serving as Sidewalk Prophets' hallmark throughout These Simple Truths, the band's label debut. Think MercyMe mixed with Brandon Heath, and you'll get a good idea of not only the sounds involved, but sales possibilities as well.

In a letter to his dying grandfather, vocalist Frey laid out the album's first single, "These Simple Truths." The track should immediately become a radio hit with its heartfelt sentiment and lyrics like, "God's got his hand on you, so don't live life in fear/Forgive and forget but don't forget why you're here/Take your time and pray/These are the words I would say."

Familiar production and pop techniques function as both a strength and weakness on These Simple Truths. That well-known sound that enables a listener to scan radio stations and tell the Christian station within three notes applies to each and every song found here (especially "You Love Me Anyway" and "Show Me How to Love"). But that's the case for many artists who craft memorable songs and enjoy successful careers. In the end, Sidewalk Prophets will quickly be mentioned in the same breath as other pop luminaries.

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**This review first published on October 27, 2009.