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Sing - Music Review

  • 2002 11 Oct
<i>Sing</i> - Music Review

Surely the presence of Charlie Peacock is in this place.  (I dare you to NOT think that when you first listen to Aaron Spiro's Sparrow Records debut, Sing.)

Now, if you glance at the liner notes before a first listen, then you'll know that Charlie Peacock co-produced (along with Jacquire King).  Still, several of the tracks on Sing could lead you to believe that THIS is the album Charlie would make if he were recording his own material (in contemporary Christian music) right now.  Especially "Begins and Ends in You", "Pray Like Breathing", and "You Are the One" (Sarah Masen on guest vocals).  And it certainly doesn't hurt that Charlie co-writes on seven of the tracks; his son Sam Ashworth chimes in on four.

Beyond the Peacock connection, the grit, depth, and versatility of Spiro's vocals will cause you to adjust the headphones and take notice.  A cross between Gersh and Peter Gabriel, this husband and father of one sounds as perfectly at home within pumped-up production ("Thrill", "Pray Like Breathing"), as he does in stripped-down acoustic offerings ("Beautiful", "Forever and Ever"). 

As the standout track, "Thrill" features a Newsboys-esque groove and carries the catchiest chorus:  "Would you thrill, would You fill?/ Get under my skin/ Make me to be what You want me to be/ Would you thrill, would You fill?/ Get into my head/ Move in my soul/ Would You make me whole?"

Without Sing, your music collection won't be completely void, however, fans of Peacock, Gersh, and even Peter Gabriel will enjoy Aaron Spiro's very able and well-produced debut.