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Smeby Favorites of 1999

  • 1999 17 Dec
Smeby Favorites of 1999

With the end of the year at hand, it only seems right to compile some sort of year-end favorites list. I always find it interesting to read what somebody else found meaningful from the previous year in music, but I always wish I had my say in the matter as well. Thanks to the wonder of technology, you can have YOUR say here at Look over my lists below and feel free to add your thoughts to our FORUMS area! Please remember: Making or not-making this list is not an endorsement or out-dorsement of anyone's music or ministry. This is a sort of warm-up to the 2000 Music Awards which we will launch shortly after the beginning of the new year.

Happy New Year everybody - and may your CD collection always be filled with your favorites.

Mark Smeby - Senior Editor
The Music Channel at
The Top 12 Albums of 1999 - Christian Music Division:
Joe Beck

intelligent, inspirational, invigorating, incredible pop music
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Jami Smith
Jami Smith

worship with an edge, Chris Rice meets Jennifer Knapp
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Bebo Norman
Ten Thousand Days

person most desired to drink coffee with
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Gary Chapman

he writes as if honesty is a commodity
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Phillips Craig & Dean

you should hear MY pastor sing!
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Scott Krippayne
Bright Star, Blue Sky

he should be the next SCC
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Various Artists

big budget inspirational masterpiece
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Better Is One Day

not as good as actually being there...but close
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John Elefante
Defying Gravity

primo pop production makes speakers sparkle
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Chris Rodriguez
Beggar's Paradise

please do another record...please!
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New Way To Be Human

quirky, brainy pop/rock
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Christine Glass
Love and Poverty

if only depth of character and spiritual maturity could sell records...
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A few fall into the "of course they were gonna be great category":

{{Jars of Clay}}
If I Left The Zoo - get interactive!
{{Michael W. Smith}}
This Is Your Time - get interactive!
{{Steven Curtis Chapman}}
Speechless - get interactive!
Love Liberty Disco
{{Third Day}}
Others that I really liked that don't necessarily qualify as "Christian":

Santana - Supernatural
Jamiroquai - Synkronized
Robbie Williams- The Ego Has Landed
Beck - Midnite Vultures
Sting - Brand New Day
Dixie Chicks - Fly
Ricky Martin - Ricky Martin
Smash Mouth - Astro Lounge
Eurythmics - Peace
Owsley - Owsley
Biggest Surprises That I Now Love:

{{KepanoGreen}}- Live
acoustic version of East To West meeting George Michael
{{Satellite Soul}} - Great Big Universe
Caedmon's Call meets Blues Traveler
I'm SO happy for:

{{Jaci Velasquez}}
for scoring a #1 hit on the mainstream Latin charts with "Llegar A Ti"
{{Sixpence None The Richer}}
for all that, and letting the world finally fall in love with Leigh Nash
to watch videos from these two artists!
A special hat-trick award goes to KMG Records for launching a trio of amazing new albums that ROCK!

{{EDL}} - Moment of Clarity
{{American Made}} - Against The Flow
{{Fono}} - Goesaroundcomesaround
(extra credit for also releasing {{Straw Theory}})
Cool new artists we met for the first time this year: it's really amazing that there are so many great new artists worth listening to - I must believe there's enough pieces in the pie to go around - maybe if everyone takes a small enough piece

{{Bebo Norman}}
{{Three Strand}}
{{Ginny Owens}}
{{Brother's Keeper}}
{{Natalie Grant}}
{{Chasing Furies}}
{{All Together Separate}}
{{Jill Phillips}}
{{The Katinas}}
Still listening to from last year:

{{Nichole Nordeman}}- Wide Eyed
{{Chris Rice}} - Past the Edges
{{Fernando Ortega}} - The Breaking of the Dawn
{{Kim Hill}} - Arms of Mercy
{{Watermark}} - Watermark
Great songs I want to hear right now:

"I Want To Know You" - {{Sonicflood}}
"Beggar's Paradise" - {{Chris Rodriguez}}
"Livin' Off Your Love" - {{Big Tent Revival}} - LISTEN
"Love Liberty Disco" - {{Newsboys}}
"The Only Thing I Need" - 4HIM from {{Streams}}
"He Didn't Have To Be" - Brad Paisley
"Praise You" - Fatboy Slim
"Revive Us" - {{Anointed}}
"Hold Me Now" - {{Jennifer Knapp}} - LISTEN
"In Not Of" - {{Avalon}}
"Unforgetful You" - {{Jars of Clay}} - WATCH VIDEO
"The Song Is Alive" - {{Point of Grace}} - LISTEN
"This Is Your Time" - {{Michael W. Smith}} -WATCH VIDEO
"Speechless" or "Dive" or "The Change" or "Whatever" - {{Steven Curtis Chapman}}
Things to watch for in 2000:

{{Jennifer Knapp}}- new album
{{Clay Crosse}} - A Different Man (3/7)
True Tunes Records
EMI Gospel
Pop music for Christian teenagers
N*Soul Records

Best marketing idea for the new millennium:
"WoW - The Motion Picture"
Add your thoughts to our FORUMS area!