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Stand Up - Music Review

  • 2002 8 Oct
<i>Stand Up</i> - Music Review

When dc Talk’s Michael Tait is willing to step in as a producer on a band’s debut, there’s a pretty good chance there’s talent involved.  But in the case of Ohio-based Everyday Sunday, a star producer is only an added bonus on what proves to be a stellar effort.

Also featuring production by Quinlan (The Benjamin Gate, Rebecca St. James), the band that began in its hometown of Columbus during youth group days offers up 11 superbly crafted songs that are simple lyrically and complex musically with arrangements that are often epic in nature.

Standout tracks include the emotionally charged “Just a Story” with its beautiful string arrangements and simple gospel message and the crunchy, guitar-driven “Lose It Again” that sports a sound that rivals something Blink 182 would record.

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