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  • 1999 18 May

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{{Sunday Drive}} burst onto the Christian music scene in 1997 with their self-titled debut album, and the huge radio smashes "God Is Believable" and "Sacred Delight." The guys are back with their follow-up project ==Doors Open Wide== which promises to land this talented band in the hearts of many new fans with their tight instrumentation and stacked vocal harmonies.

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Here's a look at the guys in the band and a word from their heart.

Buddy Mullins

Growing up in church, I became really good at knowing what to say and acting like I had it all together, when I really didn't. At the age of seventeen, I set aside the act of religion for a one-on-one experience with the Savior. No more acting now...His grace is reality in me.

Westley Willett

Some people would probably think that I am pretty young, but what I have lived and seen in this life of brevity has driven me to one of my greatest ambitions. I wanted to create something for my God that would help encourage my family and others long after I'm gone. Composing songs has
been one outlet for me.

Joel Huggins

As a young musician, I found myself drowning in selfish motives, leading to a destructive lifestyle. Only God could free me from the man I had become. And He did, when I gave Him my life and my love for music.

Paul Lancaster

I hold my commitment to Christ very seriously, yet it has always been my desire to encourage people to laugh and be outwardly joyful.

Marvin Sims

I was raised in a single-parent home where I learned that God can place you where ever He wants you to be in life regardless of your circumstance. Just trust His leadership and His word that says promotion doesn't come from the east or west or from the south, but from God (Psalm 75:6-7).

Mark Willitt

All my life I've loved music, so its no surprise that music would become my life. What was a surprise to me was how God would use music to take a very bashful teenager and strengthen and mold him, creating someone who is unafraid to be used for His purpose.

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