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TODAY'S NEWS: Rita Springer, Stacie Orrico and Bebo Norman

  • 2003 16 May
TODAY'S NEWS: Rita Springer, Stacie Orrico and Bebo Norman

I DID IT MY WAY – Worship singer and speaker Rita Springer is getting her first whiff of producing with the upcoming tentatively titled "Fragrant Oil."  Recorded live during worship sessions at her recent Fragrant Oil conferences in Santa Fe, N.M., "Fragrant Oil" could ultimately turn out to be a 2-CD set.  "We don't want to cut any song that really captured what God was doing in Santa Fe during the conference," shares Tim Taber, president of Floodgate Records.  "Hopefully it will include prayers, cries, and just spontaneity that sometimes gets lost in studio worship albums."  Springer will select the project's final tracks and oversee the mix along with Skye McCaskey (Rebecca St. James, Chris Tomlin, Cool Hand Luke) who engineered and will mix the album.  A release date has not yet been announced. 

SINGS LIKE AN ANGEL – Forefront Records' Stacie Orrico makes her debut singing and dancing on the popular NBC drama "American Dreams" this Sunday night in her portrayal of Peggy Santiglia, lead singer of '60s girl group, The Angels.  In the '60s-era drama's season finale, Orrico sings "My Boyfriend's Back" on "American Bandstand."  Say wha..?  If you've never seen "American Dreams," then listen up, because there's a whole show-within-a-show thing going on here.  "American Dreams" revolves around fifteen-year-old Meg (Brittany Snow) who's always dreamed of being a dancer on "American Bandstand" which just happens to be produced locally in her hometown of Philadelphia.  And now her dreams have come true as she dances her heart out on most every episode, alongside a modern-day star (Usher, LeAnn Rimes are past examples) who guest star as singers from the same era and perform on "American Bandstand."  Clear as mud?  Just be sure to set your VCRs or watch for Stacie Orrico's performance this Sunday night at 8:00 p.m. E.T. on CBS.  (P.S.  There's also a cool digital camera giveaway going on in conjunction with Stacie's guest spot on the show.  Click here to enter.)

MEANWHILE, ACROSS THE POND – Young, likeable Bebo Norman recently completed his 2003 European Tour, visiting venues in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.  But it was at the Acoustic Café in Edinburgh, Scotland, where Norman says "it was just one of those nights when you leave knowing something special happened.  The spirit of Scotland and its people is extraordinary."  Or maybe, just maybe, there was something extraordinary about the fish 'n' chips he chowed down on while he was there (see above pic of Bebo and friends).  Nevertheless, onward and upward as the guy-with-guitar wonder continues touring stateside at select events this summer in support of his 2002 Essential Records release, "Myself When I Am Real."   Stay tuned for more details regarding a headlining tour this fall.