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Weber's Promise Revealed on World of Wonder

  • 2008 20 Jun
Weber's Promise Revealed on <i>World of Wonder</i>

Artist:  Jenn Weber
Title:  World of Wonder
Label:  Independent

Weber fills Nordeman’s shoes …

Just a few musical strokes and vocal intonations into World of Wonder and one immediately relieving fact is unveiled:  we have our next Nichole Nordeman. The Christian music world isn’t the same without the brilliantly spoken piano songstress, who is currently away on an indefinite break. Now, it seems that Jenn Weber might be ready to take the reins.

The 22-year-old Cincinnati native moved to Nashville four years ago to pursue her musical career and developed a musical partnership with producer Gary Sadler (Jamie Jamgochian). Now, her full-length debut reveals the promise that leads one to take the courageous step to move away from home.
Wonder is filled with Nordeman-esque brushstrokes of reflection and observation on the nature of God (“Eternal”), the empowerment of the Spirit (“Extraordinary”) and determination (“Try”). Listeners will also note vocal turns reminiscent of Bethany Dillon, especially on the title track. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a killer opening track for radio (“Bride”) which seems ready to soar to the top of AC charts nationwide.
Of course, we would welcome Nordeman back with open arms, if and when she is ever ready. For now, Weber is a welcome addition to shelves both literal and digital.

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**This review first published on June 18, 2008.