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When Will I Be Satisfied? Menconi 12/99

  • Al Menconi
  • 1999 16 Dec
When Will I Be Satisfied? Menconi 12/99
I was just looking at a picture of my two daughters. It was taken at Ann's graduation. In a year and a half Allison will be graduated as well. I'm feeling a little melancholy. My parents told this time would come. My little girls have grown up to be women too quickly. They are looking forward to jumping into the future and I don't know if they are ready. I want to hide them from what they will likely encounter, but I know I can't. There was much I was going to teach them, but they are now adults.

Do you ever worry about your children like I worry about mine? I know I shouldn't worry, but sometimes I just can't help it. They both have known Jesus as their personal Savior since they were very young girls. They have a heart for the needy. They have been involved in church activities all their lives. They were "A" students in high school and "B+, A-" in college. They have wonderful friends. They are responsible. They have engaging personalities as well as being cute and popular. Who could ask for more? They are each the ideal, well-balanced child. So why am I still so concerned?

Will I ever be satisfied? I know they are living for Jesus, but I want them to be stronger. Deep down, I am satisfied with my daughters, but I often act as if I'm not. I'm still tempted to continually offer them advice and correction. Sometimes I have to bite my lip to keep quiet. I try to wait until they ask. If I offer advice as often as I think they need it, they would begin avoiding me. Think about it, do you like being around someone who constantly corrects and instructs you? We tend to avoid someone like that, don't we? I don't want my daughters avoiding me, but what am I supposed to do?

I've always said if parents spend more time talking to their children about their concerns than they spend talking to the Lord about their children, their priorities are mixed up. I am beginning to realize that it is time to see if I can live out what I teach. I've decided to take my concerns to a higher Authority. I have committed my daughters to prayer.

Actually I have always prayed deeply and frequently for my daughters. But I realized that just because they are no longer teenagers, this is no time to quit. If anything, they need my support and prayers more than ever. So I continue to pray for both my daughters every day. My wife and I did all we could when they were under our care, now our little girls are in His hands completely.

How about you, parents? Are your children still at home? Do you spend more time talking to the Lord about your kids than you spend talking to your kids about your concerns? If your kids are on their own, have you increased your prayer time? Are you fully committed to the idea that the best way you can encourage their spiritual maturity is to go to God constantly in prayer? Even after they've gone from home, they are still your children and they still need your prayers. "Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)