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A Daily Word - July 19, 2010

  • 2010 Jul 19


A sparrow looked at a dove and asked him this question: "How much does a single snowflake weigh?" The dove answered "Nothing more than nothing." Then the sparrow told this story. "Last week when the snow was softly falling, I was nestled in a fir tree's branch, as close to the trunk of that tree as I could get. As I watched the flurry from my hiding place, I began to count the snowflakes as they landed on the branch. I counted and counted until I came to three million, four hundred ninety-three thousand, seven hundred and twenty-one. Then one more snowflake fell—nothing more than nothing—and the whole branch broke off and tumbled down below."

With that the sparrow flew away, and the dove thought and thought. Nothing more than nothing—a single snowflake—made a difference in the sparrow's story. I wonder if you might be that one person—nothing more than nothing—that might make a difference in your world, your home, today? Mom—what can you teach your children that no one else can? How many hugs can you give? Dads—how often can you play catch or checkers or Monopoly, or listen to your child's latest victory or struggle with your undivided attention? Husbands—how many acts of kindness can you show your wife? Wives—how many loving touches can you give your husband?

You see, you and I can make a difference. A hundred couples with vibrant, God-honoring marriages could touch and influence a thousand other couples. Ten men who are devoted to their children before job or self could influence a hundred more. A handful of women who pray for one another's faithfulness to honor God could change a generation. How much does a single snowflake weigh? Nothing more than nothing?

Or more than enough?


And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?


2 Chronicles 25; Jeremiah 35  

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