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Christianity Works - April 13

  • 2010 Apr 13



Jairus and ‘The Woman'
by Berni Dymet

Mark 5:27 She had heard about Jesus, and came up behind him in the crowd and touched his cloak.

It's easy to imagine somehow that God would have time for other people but not, well, for me.  I mean I'm nothing really in the scheme of things.  Not like that person over there.

One day, Jesus is walking along followed by a huge crowd and this man Jairus the local synagogue leader (a real somebody around the place) begs Him to come heal his dying daughter.  But just as Jesus is about to head off, a woman (we don't find out her name) but she's been bleeding for 12 years, touches Jesus cloak as He passes through the crowd.  And she's miraculously healed.

And so Jesus is sidelined, distracted by this woman, long enough for Jairus' daughter to die.  Now eventually Jesus goes and raises her from the dead - I'll share that with you another day.

But here's the point - Jairus has real status.  The woman on the other hand, given her bleeding, has been a social outcast for the last 12 years.  Yet He stops for her.

But …that's Jesus I guess.

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