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Christianity Works - April 14

  • 2010 Apr 14

The Power of Faith
by Berni Dymet 

Mark 5:28 for she said, "If I but touch his clothes, I will be made well."

I think that it's easy to get a wrong impression of who God is.  That somehow if we have a need, we have to drag it out of Him.

Jesus is walking along, a huge crowd following Him.  And one of the people in the crowd is a woman - she's been bleeding for 12 years.  That means that according to Jewish law, she's unclean.  She's an outcast.  But she's heard about Jesus….about how He heals people.

And so she goes along this day and thinks to herself - "If only I could touch His cloak, I'd be healed."  And she did - touch His cloak.  And she was - healed.

Jesus feels the power go out of Him and He turns around and says - "Who touched me?"  - His disciples say - "What - there's a huge crowd here, what do you mean ‘Who touched me?'"

But Jesus knew there was something different about this woman - her faith.  And that faith drew on His power.  It was her faith and His power that healed her.

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