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A Word with You - November 7, 2019

  • 2019 Nov 07


Lincoln's Last Wish

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Abraham Lincoln was the hero of my boyhood. Not because I knew him personally or was alive when he was alive. But he was kind of my guy that I was the encyclopedia about. He died on Good Friday. Yeah, he did. And until recently, I didn't know his final wish. He actually whispered it to his wife just before that fatal shot at Ford's Theatre, and it's pretty moving.

Abe Lincoln grew up with a God-loving mother and a religious father. But he was demanding; he was distant. Abe's mom died when he was a boy. And as Lincoln grew, he went from a spiritual skeptic to actually a Bible-bashing unbeliever. But somewhere along the way, he began to realize his deep need for God. I guess losing a son and carrying the weight of a bleeding nation can do that for a man.

I invite you to join me at our website, YoursForLife.net. Please let me share with you how this day can be your personal Jesus-day. See, He walked out of His grave that Easter morning so He could walk into your life today.

(Lincoln account based on the book, "Lincoln's Battle with God;" Stephen Mansfield; Thomas Nelson, Inc., 2012, pp. xiii-xvii.)

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