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A Word with You - Aug. 3, 2011

  • 2011 Aug 03


Stuck in the On Position

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When we moved to New York City many years ago, one of the first landmarks I wanted to see was the Statue of Liberty. And when we went out there on our first weekend, the guide told us an amazing fact I never realized. He said, "From the day in the late 1800s when her light was first lit up right here on that island, to the moment we are looking at right now, the lamp of Liberty has never gone out."

Now, everybody else's lights in New York go off and on, especially in the daytime. You turn them off and on, right? "Lady Liberty," he said, "was always on." During World War II when they blacked out New York City because of the threat of bombings, they put a little 60-watt light bulb in her so she could continue to have the lamp of Liberty lit.

And then during the great northeast blackout some years ago when everybody else's power was out, her light continued to shine because she was connected to electricity on the New Jersey shore. As wave after wave of our forefathers sailed into New York harbor as immigrants, they would strain for a first look at that statue, the symbol of the freedom that they had risked everything to find. And whenever they arrived, they saw the Light of Liberty. It was always on, and by the way, you should be too.

okay, now I work for Him; now it's time for me; now it's time for ministry. Wait a minute! When isn't it time for ministry?

Life really becomes an adventure when you open up your day to God's sovereign matching of you with people. You pray, "Lord, use my everyday activities to put me in the path of someone who needs me and who needs You."

Just like that Lady in New York Harbor, you never know when you will hold the light that someone's looking for. Just be sure that you're always "on."

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