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A Word with You - August 9, 2019

  • 2019 Aug 09


Spectacle in the Sky

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Not long ago there were pictures all over the news of these spectacular colors painting a breathtaking scene in the night sky. It was the "northern lights," also known to scientists as the aurora borealis. Now, I'll tell you what! It's worth checking out that view or those pictures. I guess the approach of solar flares from the sun's turbulents sometimes just adds a whole new richness to these lights. Of course, they have amazed people for centuries.

Those pictures actually triggered my brain and brought back a special family memory. Actually, well, it seemed anything but special at the time. See, my wife and three children accompanied me on a ministry trip to Alaska, and I was excited when they first invited me to come to Alaska to speak. I pictured those scenic summer cruises, you know, they do up there. Then I found out they were asking me for February. Yeah. Oh, well.

Well, we had a fantastic time up there even in February. So I was a little bummed when my wife and kids had to go back for school while I stayed a few more days to speak. There was a seasoned missionary pilot who was going to fly them out, and that gave me confidence.

My first "uh-oh" was when he asked me to help him push his airplane out of the hangar (I never did that before!) and then onto this ice-rutted runway. Okay, I'd never pushed a plane before. Second "uh-oh" - that my loved ones would be on a plane on a solid sheet of ice.

(Romans 8:18). I guess we should learn something from the way we all come into the world. Labor - baby. Painful process - beautiful result.

Now, our word today from the Word of God tells us in John 16:21, "A woman giving birth to a child has pain...but when the baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy." Well, I've never been in labor and I never will be. My wife and daughter will testify to the fact that the pain lasts a short time, but the beauty lasts a lifetime.

So today it's the rough ride; tomorrow - the lights.

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