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A Word with You - December 16, 2019

  • 2019 Dec 16


When No One's Watching

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When you play high school football, you learn to play another game too. It's called Impress the Coaches. Of course, the coaches decide who plays, who starts, who sits. All summer long players show up for weight lifting in this steamy, hot weight room. Now, they come three times a week. Why would guys want to come and sweat and strain? Because the coaches are there. You can't help but ask how many of those fellows would show up if, well let's say the coaches suddenly announced they were taking a week off, "Fellows, you keep coming. We just won't be here all next week, okay?" I have a feeling the attendance would really go down in the weight room.

One day back when my boys played football, there was a lot of football equipment that had to be moved to the school. Again, it was a hot, humid summer day. The coach needed volunteers. It's amazing! A lot of guys showed up to carry equipment! Of course, the coaches were going to be there and would notice who helped. Right? If the coaches weren't there to watch, how many guys would have been hauling equipment? I don't know. How many guys would lift on those hot days? How many players would run an extra lap? See, the real athlete works out whether anyone is watching or not.

Does your family see the same Christian that the church does? Do your coworkers, your clients, your customers, your fellow students, your teammates? Take a good, honest look at the private you. Are you faithful to Jesus when there is no one there to impress? That's the real you!

The way you live when there's no one watching is the way you can tell how much you really love your Jesus.

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