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A Word with You - December 26, 2019

  • 2019 Dec 26

Dirty Hands

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It's a nice deal when your auto mechanic is also your good friend. And I've had that opportunity – Christian brothers. What I've really appreciated about my friend, the auto mechanic, was the fact that he worked long, and hard, and professionally.

However, it was unfortunate that when I stopped by his station, I was usually all dressed up on my way someplace. Now, instinctively, what would we do with a friend? We'd extend our hands to shake. Well, we would immediately hesitate and both of us would look at the layers of grease on his hand and then we'd look at my suit and my white shirt and my clean hands. Yeah, pretty boy over here. I didn't have any time to clean up, and he would say, "We'd better not." Now, I'd love to shake with my buddy, but it just might be a problem. It's actually best to get the dirt off your hand before you reach for a totally clean one.

The Bible says, "If you have something against your brother, or your brother has something against you, leave the altar. Leave your sacrifice there and go and make it right with him." David said, "If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me." There's so much He wants to do for you; so much He has to bless you with. But He can't hand it to you while your hands are dirty with sin.

Whether you reach for God literally or symbolically, would you be sure your hand is emptied of anything sinful. If you want God to put His hand in yours, be sure you're not offering Him a dirty hand.

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