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A Word with You - December 3, 2019

  • 2019 Dec 03


911 Power

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I don't think Alexander Graham Bell could ever have conceived how much we would use his little invention called the telephone, or how many ways we would think up to use it! You know, some of those magic three-number prefixes that we all know so well; the 800 number, because 800 equals toll free calls, and there's 888, and there are all kinds of them now. We're pretty quick to make that call. Then there are the 900 numbers; the toll rich calls. You really want to be very slow to make those calls. Those 900 numbers can access everything from Santa Claus at Christmastime to party lines for lonely people, to pornography.

And then there's 911. In many places across this country 911 is the number you dial for emergencies. You dial that and you'll get an operator who will immediately, of course, dispatch the police, or the fire or the medical help that your emergency requires. Now, 911 callers, if you've ever heard their recordings, they are not casual. They speak with urgency, sometimes they're in tears, and they're almost always desperate...and help is on the way.

That's when all the emergency resources of heaven start roaring to your side. God's been waiting for you to be honest with Him, desperate with Him, bankrupt in front of Him; to release it all and then to collapse into His arms. Whatever is causing you to bleed, that's His great concern. Just let it go! Don't try to be strong with Him. Let it out!

God responds miraculously to 911 calls from his children. Help is on the way.

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