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A Word with You - February 5, 2020

  • 2020 Feb 05

You Drive Better When You're Being Watched

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I was teaching my son to drive, I think. There were some pretty thrill-packed moments as he learned to drive. And there was a strange byproduct taking place as he learned to drive. My driving improved! Yes, and it needed it! See, when you live in the New York area, traffic tends to make you a little more careless about the right way to drive; the way you learn how to drive; the way the book says you ought to drive.

Now, where I lived, driving was a challenge in itself. But nevertheless, I was always conscious of this pair of eyes watching me from the back seat, and I began to notice what I was doing when I was behind the wheel. This impressionable teenage boy wanted to know how his Dad was handling the wheel. He watched how I kept the speed limit, or maybe didn't occasionally; how I changed lanes, and how I approached cars from the rear, if I was tailgating. I was making an impression on my son, and frankly, I drove more carefully; the way I should have been all along.

You need God's Word now for daily strength to keep your life right; to keep your life an accurate representation of what Jesus is like.

What an incentive to know that you are Christ's ambassador; to give Him a good reputation in everything you say and everything you do. You base your whole life on Him now. If you're going to live out-of-bounds, remember you're Christ's ambassador.

His reputation is tied into everything you do, and you always drive better when you are being watched. You know what? You are.

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