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A Word with You - January 1, 2020

  • 2020 Jan 01

The Messages After the Hit

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There's not much amusing, of course, about an automobile accident, but my friend Jean's accident did have a little smile at the end; at least in retrospect. This car came charging into her right rear door all of a sudden, and "boom" there was one of those discouraging days when your car doesn't quite look the same as when you left home.

Her daughter's head hit the glass in the passenger's side window and broke it. And Jean's glasses went flying. Well, thankfully there was no serious injury, and the policeman said after his investigation, "I think it will be okay for you to drive the car home." Well, apparently the computerized monitor in the dashboard didn't know that. Because all the way home the computer voice kept saying, "Right door is open. Fuel level is low." Actually, the right door was damaged a little, but it wasn't open. And that voice just kept insisting "Fuel level is low. Fuel level is low." Well, that voice had no way of knowing she had just filled the car with gas and the gauge said full but the voice said empty. Poor Jean! She took a hit, and then she started getting all kinds of wrong messages.

Don't trust your feelings. Don't trust those messages." You say, "Well, I don't feel like getting into the Bible right now." That's when you've got to do it. That's when it's most urgent that you do. You'll only be able to escape the lies if you immerse yourself in the truth. Ask God to hug you with His Word, to hold you with His Word, to support you with His Word, to give you hope with His Word. Memorize it; quote it when the dark feelings come. His promise will preserve your life.

While that voice was telling my friend "Fuel level is low", the gauge was telling my friend the truth. God's words; they're the gauge that will expose the lies that your confused emotions are telling you. Let God's voice override all those obnoxious messages.

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