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A Word with You - Jan. 29, 2010

  • 2010 Jan 29



The Cannons of Fear and the Courage of Faith

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We were with our precious two-year-old granddaughter at a theme park, and we took her to a part of the park that's usually a children's favorite; they call it "Happy Harbor." It's got water cannons that shoot out into this pond and water squirting up randomly from these holes in the sidewalk. One whole section has these cannons that propel styrofoam balls all over the place. It's usually raining styrofoam in there. Our granddaughter's three- and six-year-old cousins were already in there having a ball. Actually, having a good time. But our little princess, well, she didn't like loud noises very much. She'd be frightened even by the loud train whistle in the park all day long.

I watched a very interesting little drama play out as she battled with two conflicting impulses. She was frightened by the sounds of those air cannons going off. She covered her ears and she refused to uncover them. But she was very intrigued with all those styrofoam balls and she wanted to go in and play with them and with her cousins. It was obviously a hard decision. Finally, she looked up at me as if to say, "Go with me." And together we ventured into that loud but exciting place. She still covered her ears, but she went in. Within minutes, ears uncovered, playing with her cousins, throwing little balls everywhere, oblivious to the noise that had almost kept her out.

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