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A Word with You - July 14, 2011

  • 2011 Jul 14


What To Do When There's a Power Failure

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It was a hot July day some years ago in Washington D.C., and I had a great experience! Sixteen thousand Christian teenagers massed on the Capitol Mall with Capitol Hill right behind us, and we were having the closing rally.

The speaker was ready to speak, a music group was ready to play, and of course, the sound system was crucial to all of this to make anything heard on that massive mall. And would you believe it, an hour before this there was a massive power failure in that whole part of Washington D.C. As you were driving around, all of a sudden all the federal office buildings were emptying out, and people were standing out on the steps by the thousands.

Some folks were trapped in elevators between floors; the subways all stopped. They couldn't even make the electric bell work that convenes the United States Senate. This is true! That day they convened the Senate by banging on a trash can. Somebody said they thought that was appropriate in the Senate, but you know, they got the Senate together whatever way they could. But you know, even without any power, the rally went on. You know why? Well, because the day before they had located a giant generator just in case. And so while the rest of Washington D.C. had no power, we did, because we were depending on another power source.

rit will..." The Holy Spirit of Almighty God will be the difference between the size of the assignment and the size of your ability. You see, the bearing of the Christ child had nothing to do with Mary's capabilities. It was the capability of the Holy Spirit that would make her assignment doable...and yours.

When the power failed for everyone else in Washington D.C. that day, it didn't stop us. We were depending on another power source. And that's where you are right now. Your power will fail before you can get through what lies ahead. But the generator of the Holy Spirit will just keep on running, and that power is enough!

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