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A Word with You - July 15, 2011

  • 2011 Jul 15

The Bottom Line Question


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Well, it happened three times at the Hutchcraft house. Yep, a teenager learning to drive. With all of the angst that goes with that. Not for them; for us! And three times we'd come around to that question happening again and again, "Dad, can I have the car?" I have to tell you, I had real mixed emotions about that, and I had a lot of questions about "How far are you going to go?" "How long will you be gone?" "Where are you driving?" "Who are you going with?" I was apprehensive about turning over that ton of deadly metal to a teenage son. And probably all reasons, right?

Now, my wife often asks for my car, and when she does, I give her the keys - no questions asked. Oh, I have no fear of my wife driving my car. I've seen her drive, and she does real well; at least as well as I do. Probably better.

Of course, turning over the keys comes down to one bottom line issue: can I trust you with something this big? Maybe for you right now that's the most decisive choice you have.

You can put whatever matters most to you in the hands of Jesus. In fact, His hands are the only hands that can be trusted.

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