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A Word with You - July 22, 2019

  • 2019 Jul 22


The Detour is the Main Road

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I'm one of those people with a wall-to-wall schedule I'm afraid. And maybe like you, there's just like no time in there for Murphy's Law—no time for anything to go wrong. Occasionally, Mr. Murphy still visits me.

Some years ago I was on an overseas assignment for a youth ministry in New Zealand. You can't get much farther from home than that. And I had booked a lot of meetings for as soon as I returned; which is typical of my crazy schedule. "Oh boy, as soon as I get back we'll have this meeting and that meeting." The problem was that while I was in New Zealand, all the DC10s in the world were grounded. There was some kind of a flaw or defect, and they grounded all of those planes. So, I was stuck with about 4,000 other Americans in New Zealand, because guess what flies out of New Zealand for the most part? Back then at least—DC10s.

Oh, man, it was frustrating. I wanted to get out of there; I needed to get back. I had a schedule! Well, somebody offered me a home and they said, "Look, this home is vacant right now. Why don't you go in there and take it until you can get a plane?" So, the next morning I woke up all frustrated and anxious, but I went to sleep that night very excited and very much at peace. Now, you may be stuck in a situation right now, you're frustrated by a detour from the plan like I was. Well, like me, stranded 10,000 miles away from home, you may be about to learn a wonderful secret.

Have you had any detours lately? Maybe your health, your finances, a dream that's on hold, a relationship that meant a lot is coming apart. Even daily detours when your schedule gets interrupted by someone or something that just drops in.

Well, remember, when God directs you to a sidetrack, that's no accident. He wants to meet you there. God's sidetracks are often God's Sinais. Trust that today's unplanned diversions are really part of the plan.

Remember, when God is leading His people, the detour is really the main road.

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