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A Word with You - July 29, 2011

  • 2011 Jul 29


Someone to Meet You

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Some years ago, I took my second trip on behalf of a youth ministry to South Africa. Now, on the first trip, I remember how very lost I felt when I got to the airport. I'd been on an airplane for 18 hours, I got there late at night, I had no car, I had no directions. I didn't know anything about anywhere in the nation of South Africa.

Well, I'm glad to report to you that someone met me there at the airport. They didn't just leave me saying, "Hey, listen, if you can get out to where we are we'll take care of you once you get there." That's a good thing. They'd have never seen me. I went as far as I could go, and they met me there. I know someone who does that for people all the time. And if you understand how He works, you might just be willing to risk the trip.

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