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Whose Smile You're Working For - A Word with You - June 12, 2012

  • 2012 Jun 12


Whose Smile You're Working For

Psalms 97:1

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I remember not long ago, this hot summer day when my oldest son and I were out working in the yard. I was doing the mowing; he was doing some clipping around the rocks; working just a little bit behind me where I had just mown. And I noticed that he was working pretty hard, and I glanced at him. I was pretty pleased with how he was doing, and I just kind of gave him a quick smile and went back to work.

About ten minutes later he walked up to me and I noticed his lips moving, but I could not understand what he was saying because of the lawn mower was so loud. So, I turned the mower down and I said, "What did you say, son?" And he said, "Dad, would you do that again?" And I said, "Do what again?" He said, "Would you give me another smile like you did a few minutes ago?" And then this is what I never forgot. He said, "Dad, you know, it's your smile that keeps me going." Talk about melted Dad! "It's your smile that keeps me going." He had decided that a father's approval was worth working for.

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