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A Word with You - June 14, 2019

  • 2019 Jun 14


Get To the Top Or Get With Each Other

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Chimney Mountain! I wanted our family to conquer it together. So, my wife and I, and our then three little Hutchcrafts started hiking up the trail. And my wife was a lovely tour guide as we went up that mountain trail. She pointed out for example, "Oh, look at the chipmunks over there! Hey, there goes a squirrel! Oh, look at those roots, they're huge! Notice how they tangled around the tree. Wait, wait, stop, listen; can you hear the wind whispering to us in the pines?" We were having a great time together.

We were about half-way up the mountain and my wife said, "Oh, this has really been nice. Well, let's go back." I said, "What? Let's go back? What is the purpose for getting on a mountain trail in the first place? The reason you climb a mountain is to get to the top of the mountain. We've got to conquer it! We have to achieve!" But my wife was saying, "Well, we've had a nice experience together. Isn't that what was important?" Sounds kind of like a guy and a woman perspective, doesn't it? Get to the top or get with each other? You have to decide what's important on your mountain too.

People around us may be crying, "Slow down! I need time with you!" But we're ruled by our work. God says, "People are more important than work or achievement." Only you can be Mom or Dad to your kids. You're the only husband or wife, brother or sister that they have. Are you busy chugging up Mount Work, Mount Accomplishment, Mount Goal? Are you so busy that the people you love are only getting your leftovers?

Being is more important than doing. Who you're on the mountain with is more important than getting to the top.

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