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A Word with You - June 18, 2019

  • 2019 Jun 18

Heroes Without Haloes

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I've been to South Africa several times. I love those accents, but not when they're talking about an inspirational sports icon killing his girlfriend. There's been a lot of fog around exactly what happened, but what we do know is that South Africa's Olympic hero admittedly shot his girlfriend four times. Now, he says accidentally and the police say on purpose.

Well, it's all the more disturbing because he's been such an over-comer; a double-amputee, running on carbon-fiber blades, competing last year as an Olympic runner. He made history. And he inspired people around the world. And then suddenly he's facing first degree murder charges. It's the most recent - and most extreme - in a growing list of fallen sports heroes we've heard about. One observer said, "It seems like it's almost one a month these days."

forgiving all of the failures and the hypocrisy of the past, and giving you the ability to be a Jesus-person in your family, in your work and in all your relationships, would you open your heart to the man who died for you; who walked out of His grave to rescue you? Would you open your heart to Him today?

We'd love to show you how to do that. Our website's all about it. Would you go there? YoursForLife.net. And let this be your new beginning.

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