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A Word with You - June 23, 2011

  • 2011 Jun 23

The Ultimate Royal Spectacle


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I get the feeling it's going to be the "Prince William and Kate Show" for the next few days. Forget Libya and cash-burning gas. Forget disasters, forget deficits. The handsome prince and the classy commoner are getting married!

I'm a little bummed because I couldn't find any of those "Sweet William Soaps" that they said are available. Or the "No More Waity, Katie Nail Polish" at our local Walmart. They didn't even have the "William and Kate Dress-Up Dolly Book." (I am not making up these products, I couldn't!) But around the world actually, there are millions of William and Kate saucers and stamps and oh, you can get jellies and coins and - well you name it. This Wedding seems like a dose of Prozac in this sea of horrendous headlines we've had lately.

Some officials are estimating that more than one-fourth of the world's population will be watching The Wedding! And to think, I was nervous at my wedding?

at will welcome Him and enthrone Him. See, today the question is, "What will I do with Jesus?"

Then, the question will be, "What will Jesus do with me?"

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