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A Word with You - June 24, 2011

  • 2011 Jun 24


The Knife and the Nails


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Tony was one of the best-liked teachers in our local school; at least he had our kids' vote. As he and I were working together on a project at our house, I was really surprised to learn about his background. I never would have guessed it. See, he grew up in a very tough neighborhood in our area that was sharply divided into these ethnic pockets. Well, actually, into ethnic gangs. And Tony, by his own admission, was a fighter. Most of the guys in his neighborhood were. And then, five of his good friends died violently in two months time - five friends in two months; one of them his very best friend. Two of his friends are now serving prison terms - two of the survivors that is.

I said, "Tony, what happened to you? How did you ever make it out so well? How did you ever get out of all that? You've grown up to be a very positive adult. How did it happen?" His answer left a stunned silence in the room. And in a sense, his answer is like an answer of mine.

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