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A Word with You - June 27, 2012

  • 2012 Jun 27


Running On Empty

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"Dad, you're on E!" Yeah, I heard that a lot from my kids for years as we drove along, as if I didn't know the fuel gauge was nearing the empty mark. Of course, I knew. But why stop any sooner than you have to, right? I did create too much stress in the process for me, and my wife, and for my kids who were leaning over the back seat, and sometimes I actually did flirt with an empty tank. And I guess they all still remembered and reminded me of the time that we sputtered to a stop along the New York throughway out of gas. Yeah, I pushed it a little too far.

Actually, don't tell my family that I admitted this, but it really isn't very smart to run on empty. In fact, it actually saves time to stop.

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