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A Word with You - May 23, 2011

  • 2011 May 23

When Cranking isn't Enough

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Okay, I don't remember a lot of the content from my science classes in school, but I remember some of the experiments. Remember the one with the hand generator? They connect it to this light bulb, and the harder you crank, the brighter the light gets. If you're gonna try and run your stove, your lights, your air conditioner, your TV with a little hand crank generator, you've got a power shortage.

Now, we have just outside our window on the street on this pole, a big transformer. And fortunately, that's the power we have plugged into to run all the things we need to run. I'm glad we've got that transformer voltage to depend on. Depending on the power that I could crank, it would never do the job.

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