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A Word with You - May 30, 2011

  • 2011 May 30


Daddy's Smile

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I remember my son's first football game in high school. He was all decked out in his football armor and looking appropriately intimidating like you're supposed to look. And he came on the field with the rest of the team, but as macho as he was (or was trying to be), as soon as he came out he just glanced up at the stands, and I knew why. He wanted to be sure his Father was there watching him.

And there weren't too many there, but I was able to make it that day. And when that happened, I was reminded of another day when he was much younger. We were out working in the yard together on a very hot day. And he was clipping and I was mowing, and I kind of just flashed a smile in his direction. A few minutes later, he came up, yelled over the lawn mower and said, "Daddy, please do that again." I said, "Do what again?" He said, "The smile. It's your smile that keeps me going, Dad." Well, actually, you and I are a lot like that.

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