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A Word with You - November 21, 2019

  • 2019 Nov 21


The Storm Can't Stop the Deliveries

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I've watched mail service change a lot during my lifetime. For example, the cost of sending a letter has gone up, and up, and up. I think it's probably quadrupled or quintupled or even more in my lifetime. And in case my kids are listening, I do not mean beginning with the Pony Express. There are new services that are added, like overnight delivery that they didn't used to have. One thing has not changed while everything has. Those mail carriers still do their best to keep their commitment not to be stopped by sleet, or snow, or dark of night. That's the old saying, "Nothing keeps us from our appointed rounds". And that's been true. I can't remember a day other than holidays that the mail didn't make it, no matter what the conditions were. I'm impressed with that kind of commitment.

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