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A Word with You - Nov. 22, 2012

  • 2012 Nov 22


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Now, I've spent a fair amount of my life on airplanes, and so the thought of a fire on a plane is pretty unsettling. So I wasn't too excited about what I heard happened on an Air Canada flight several years ago. The fire actually started in the lavatory and the fire wasn't so big, but the smoke started to billow through the plane and it very quickly reached the cockpit. You can imagine how fearful that was going to be.

Well, it reached the point where the pilot was literally blinded by the smoke; he couldn't see outside of the plane, he couldn't see the instrument panel, and he literally didn't know where he was going to land; he didn't know how he was going to get down. And suddenly in the middle of all that chaos, there comes this calm, measured voice into the cockpit, "Just do what I say, and I'll bring you in." Well, of course, it was that flight controller in the tower at the nearby airport. And he literally talked the pilot in and miraculously after all that, there was a safe landing.

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