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A Word with You - Nov. 26, 2012

  • 2012 Nov 26


Peace That Stands the Test

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I was on an airplane flight from Chicago to Newark, and suddenly the pilot came on and he said, "You may have noticed that we are not going East any more, we're headed North. We're going to have to make an emergency landing in Detroit."

Well, I want to tell you; those words didn't thrill everybody particularly. Not because there's anything wrong with Detroit. It's fine, but emergency landings aren't real exciting. He went on to say, "We're having a little problem with our hydraulic system." Then the next thing we knew, before the landing, the flight attendants came through and three times they checked to see how tight our seat belts were. Uh, that has never happened to me before, and of course, everybody on the plane is starting to speculate about, "Do we have a problem with our wing flaps, or our landing gear?" That could be pretty serious business.

Now, my immediate neighbor was a very sweet grandma, and she was really anxious. The next guy down said, "You know what? I'll bet our wheels aren't down. This could be really bad." Oh, that helped a lot. Yeah.

Now, we had a very shaky approach to the airport, but I've got to tell you, thank God we had a smooth landing. Then we stopped right on the runway and they wouldn't even let us go the rest of the way; they had to tow us in. And then I saw the welcoming party! All the fire engines and emergency equipment were there.

Now, who knows how close a call it really was? But I'll tell you, the possibility of a crash squeezed out the inner emotional contents from all the passengers. And it was a good test for me. You know, I actually tried to lighten up grandma's anxiety with a little humor. I told her we were getting a trip to Detroit for no extra charge, and I kind of kept on working. I honestly felt pretty much as safe as if I were in my living room.

And that's when grandma asked the question, and I'll tell you what I told her.

Well, you know, peace is a person. The person is Jesus. He forgives your sin, He guarantees heaven, He promises His powerful care, He will be the constant no matter what changes, and that is peace. My life isn't in the hands of a pilot, or a surgeon, or a banker, or an adversary. It's in my Savior's hands. When you make your peace with God, you will have God's peace. The worst can happen, but the best remains. What a rock solid calm you can have at the center of your soul if you'll make the Prince of Peace, your Prince.

If you've never opened your heart to this forgiver of sins, giver of peace, guarantee-er of heaven, Jesus Christ, let this be the day you say, "Lord, I stop running my own life. You pilot my life from here on in. I'm giving myself to the One who died for me." I invite you to go to our website and get the information that will help you make sure you belong to Him. It's YoursForLife.net.

Listen; ask anyone who's been to the edge with Christ in their heart. His peace stands the test.

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