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A Word with You - Nov. 27, 2012

  • 2012 Nov 27


A Hole in the Dam, Trouble Downstream

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Now, listen. When it's man versus lots of water, you know the water is often going to win. Oh, we've built dams and levees and water management systems. But sometimes, like this past spring, and then along the Mississippi and the Missouri Rivers, oh man, just too much water!

Of course, it's hard to see them having to dynamite holes in a dam, which they did. Now, they knew they were saving a town, but they also knew they had to inundate thousands of acres of farmland. So, there goes a crop. There goes a harvest. There goes some family's income. And then downriver, oh man, they had to open the gates on a dam, knowing that the resulting flood again might save a city but drown a town.

But there is some good news. In a lot of places, the dams and the levees managed to hold back the flood. If it weren't for those walls, well, the flood would wash away everything in its path.

dark side that will leak without the dam there. My time with Jesus in His Word? It can't be optional. No, it's got to be non-negotiable, because a hole in the dam can do so much damage downstream.

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