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A Word with You - November 29, 2019

  • 2019 Nov 29


How Hard You Try

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Gym class can be a pretty unfair place in school. You've got your natural athletes, your average athletes, and your basic klutzes, like me, who are all lumped together in the same class. It's tough to get a decent grade if the teacher compares your performances. The natural athletes, of course, are going to play better, score higher, run farther than many others who are trying just as hard. And many a good student has had his grade point dragged down. Not because of a C effort in gym, but because of a C result.

I guess we could debate about what's fair, but I for one appreciate the breed of physical education teacher that my son had, and he said this about him, "Dad, you know, he grades you not on how well you finish, but on how hard you try." Well, you know, I know someone else who grades that way.

fight? Did you discharge your duties?" Maybe not perfectly, but faithfully, wholeheartedly. Well, then, I think you can expect A's from the only person who really matters; the One who made you; the One who paid for you with His life.

You see, the awards of God are based on how hard you try.

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