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A Word with You - Nov. 6, 2012

  • 2012 Nov 06


The Oven, The Wheel, and the Masterpiece

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Well, we've visited a few Colonial restorations in our day as a family. My kids would always go, "No, not a tour!" But it's interesting if you get involved with some of the craftsmen. You can pretty much judge what it will be like before you get there.

Oh, yeah, you'll see some men in tricorn hats. There'll be ladies in lace caps (because the men really don't look too good in them). And there's a potter there usually. And he's pretty intriguing to watch. There he is doing his skilled work with this blob of clay. Did you ever stop to think what it's like to be the clay? I don't know why you would; only I would do this. You say, "Come on, Ron." Well look, you haven't got anything better to do for the next five minutes probably. So, let's think what it's like to be that blob of clay.

First, you get pushed, and squeezed, and poked, and then the potter takes you for a spin and you are endlessly going around in circles on his wheel. And then just about the time you say, "Oh, man, I'm glad that's over," he pops you into an oven at 2,200 degrees and you think you're going to die. Then he takes you out at last only to put you back in that oven at another 2,200 degrees. I can imagine that you would say to the potter, "Why are you doing this to me?" You know, the longer I think like the clay, the more familiar these feelings seem—maybe for you, too. Why is God spinning you around, squeezing you, putting you through this heat right now?

h without needs that are bigger than you have the ability to meet.

Unlike the clay, though, you choose whether the potter's beautiful intentions are realized; whether you'll let it make you like Jesus or not. If you forget the goal, you can become desperate, and bitter, and hard, and self-absorbed. Or you can let Christ use it for the ultimate goal. You may not enjoy the process, but at least you can understand it's going to a great result. If you're going to get the pain, get the point.

If the question is, "Why, God?" He's saying, "To make you more like Jesus." And the oven, and the wheel are how He turns blobs of clay into masterpieces.

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